What is sound of wood?

Deliberate work with sound has long had a beneficial effect on the human psyche and health. To work with disadvantaged groups, we have always used tools that excelled in resonance and intuitive approach to playing. Therefore for our therapies we mainly use reed drums, the so-called tongue drum or slit drum.

We are glad that our work with people with special needs has also inspired one of the world’s leading manufacturers of these instruments, Boris Čellár. Boris is a musician and his activities include working with people with disabilities. His experience is naturally reflected in the production and concept of this unique musical instrument such as the slit drum - Woodpack.

In our music therapy sessions we also use instruments with similar effects during, like tibetan bows, singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, monochords, marimba and hand pan.

Healing power of sound

Down syndrome
People with hearing impairments
People with visual impairments
Angelman syndrome

Using the instrument is simple and intuitive. The individual tongues are tuned to scales so that their com-bination during playing creates beautiful and inspiring melodies. Also, playing with hands opens the har-monic side of the instrument and the tones are logically grouped into chords. That's why even a complete novice can play the instrument and the resulting sound is surprising! The slit drum (log drum) sounds good in the hands of a music therapist but also brings joy from the playing to the person being treated. Despite being a delicate musical instrument, Woodpack is designed to even handle being played by an untrained player. The tones are perfectly tuned as with other professional musical instruments, 432Hz tuning is also available on request.

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